A list of easy to build Arduino projects for beginners and kids. These projects use easy to obtain components and can be built on an electronics breadboard. Suitable for use with an Arduino Uno or similar board.

Arduino projects for absolute beginners below list very easy projects for first time Arduino users. The section that follows lists projects for beginners who have learned the basics of how to use an Arduino.

Arduino Projects for Absolute Beginners

The simple projects below are suitable for absolute beginners with Arduino. They are part of a series of tutorials that introduce beginners to basic electronics. For beginners who have not yet used an electronics breadboard, see how to build a simple circuit on breadboard.

  • Starting with Arduino shows how to start using an Arduino and how to build the simplest Arduino breadboard project. Also see the Arduino website page on getting started with Arduino.
  • Arduino Knight Rider LED chaser project– build a LED chaser display with Arduino.
  • Play a tune on Arduino using a loudspeaker.
  • Using the Arduino serial portshows how to send text between the Arduino and a PC.
  • 10 Arduino projects for absolute beginners contains ten very easy projects to help beginners understand some of the capabilities of Arduino.

Other projects suitable for beginners:

  • Connecting an LCD (liquid crystal display) to an Arduino.
  • Arduino thermometer project– measure temperature.
  • Arduino clock that displays the time and date.
  • Arduino dice– simulate throwing dice.


Beginners wanting to learn how to program Arduino can look at the Arduino programming course.


For those wanting to know how to use the Arduino Ethernet shield as  a web server, the Arduino Ethernet shield web server tutorial explains all you need to know.


Also see the following areas on the Starting Electronics website:

  • Arduino Projects– various Arduino projects for beginners and more advanced users.
  • Arduino Tutorials–  interesting Arduino tutorials.
  • Arduino Articles– various articles and small projects such as how to battery power an Arduino, connecting a buzzer to Arduino, using Arduino to measure voltage and more.
  • Arduino Software– various Arduino software projects and information on installing Arduino software.

Another useful resource for projects is the Arduino tutorials page on the Arduino website.


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