Every year in Hong Kong,China,there is a most  attention exhibition that is  Consumer Electronics Exhibition especially the geek area.In this exhibition,you can see many new products that  are developed by geeks themselves.You can see many novel creations at the meeting.

This year,we-AITREASURE-are waiting for you at Consumer Electronics exhibition  in AsiaWorld-Expo,Hong Kong on April 11-14, 2018. Our booth NO:2C29.

In this exhibition,we will bring some new products and show their functions in public.

One of the product is Multifunction 4 WD car –Unique car design on the market.

Have you ever heard about 2 functions in one 2 WD car? I believe you haven’t. Now in the market, 2 WD cars generally have only one function.But we have done it! We let the 2 WD cars have two functions at the same time.This car has line following module and Infrared Remote Sensor module.Want to see how it run? Come and see it at the scene.

And the most coolest  is mini drone kit,you can learn how to build your own UAV quadcopter  using code.I think the most coolest function is fixed altitude flight

Geek is creating unlimited possibilities!

If you are going to attend this exhibition,then I think the information below will be useful to you.

Exhibition Name: AsiaWorld-Expo

Time:  April 11-14, 2018 

Address: Cheong Wing Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

Meet us at AsiaWorld-Expo on April 11-14,2018.


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