AITREASURE Bluetooth Robot Car Kit Building RC STEM Toy with UNO R3


  • Redesigned Car: Redesigned chassis, top square plate, and special red color, make your finished job look more beautiful that 90% of others. Both Android and IOS available; Upgraded to 6 AA battery power supply, makes the car run like an angry bull
  • AITREASURE 2WD Smart Robot Car: Great educational kit for beginners to get hands-on experience about Arduino programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge; Great learning toy to play with your kids
  • Easy to Assemble: No more annoying feeling when assembling the car; Precise mounting hole and no soldering needed; Thanks to our team’s special creation, you only need a screwdriver (included) to assemble; Could be easily finished in less than half an hour
  • Add on flexibly: Thanks to the reserved holes on the chassis, you could easily add some sensor on it, such as infrared sensor, line tracing sensor and ultrasonic sensor, etc. You could edit the code to make the car differently
  • Instructions Document and all the necessary programs, code, and App can download from our website; After finishing the hardware and software job, you could use your phone to control the car; Perfect gift for your kids and friends
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Learning while playing – a great way of cultivating interests

AITREASURE Smart Robot Car Kit
After finishing this car you will learn how to load programs and command the car to run as instructed. The great interactivity that you can have with this robot car could definitely motivate your curiosity and interest to find out why and how it works in this way.

Learning is not as complicated as you might think, especially with our smart robot car kit. It will become more interesting than ever. If your kids, family or friends are attracted to the robotics world, this kit would be a great choice and a perfect gift for them to start their journey.

Redesigned interfaces to meet demands of different users. 

Thanks to our lots of researches and developments, you can assemble the car just by a screwdriver, no soldering, no painful guessing.

Bluetooth Control

A smart robot car on your phone.

It wouldn’t be smart enough if you can’t control your robot car with your phone. Simply install the APP and pair with our HC-05 module, you can control your car freely. In our tutorial you will also learn how to edit and send signals to the board and make it run.

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