Craft Bond Glue Gun 80W High Heat Glue Gun Adhesive Hot Melt Glue Gun, Yellow


  • User-friendly: This hot glue gun has got the ergonomic design and its suitable size makes it comfortable to handle and use. NOTE: Please choose the right glue stick (Dia.0.4inch) for it.
  • The detachable and flexible metal stand is very handy that can stabilize the glue gun.
  • The glue gun has an on/off button, so you just need to plug it in and wait for it to warm up and start dripping glue from the tip.
  • Strengthen the fan-shaped trigger, glue will be smoothly. Independent power switch makes it safer for using, more convenient operation.
  • Universal tool: the glue gun is suitable for professional and amateur, men and women. It is perfect for home and office, can be used with metal, wood, plastic, glass, paper and more.

The glue gun, an ideal adhesive tool, works well for arts & crafts, home improvement and industrial works. Do you like DIY? The hot melt glue gun is a great equipment for you, showing your DIY creative talent.

Material: plastic & aluminum
Size: approx. 7.6inch (Length) x 6.4inch (Width)
Power: 80W
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Working Voltage: 100-240V
Preheating Time: 5-8 minutes
Cable Length: approx. 44.5inch
Nozzle Internal Diameter: approx. 0.08inch

Insert the glue stick from the tail, sent to the gun tube,
Turn on the power supply to preheating from 5 to 8 minutes.
Button up to move the trigger and extrude the melt glue

Tip: Do not take the sticks out once be used. Insert a new one to push the remaining one when it becomes short.

1. Please don’t touch nozzle and the glue liquid when the gun is working.
2. To avoid clogging, please use stand and never put the gun flat on side while it’s hot.
3. If the glue gun doesn’t work for 15 min, please cut off the power source to avoid the melting glue recirculating or damage
4. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Package included:
1 x Glue Gun

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