Quick Start Guide

  1. Assemble all the component into a car after learning the instruction document or video(visit the website: aistreasure.com);
  2. Install the Arduino IDE software on your laptop or PC, upload the code to the car. Install the Bluetooth control app onto your phone or tablet(android system only);
  3. Connect your phone or tablet with the car, enjoy your fun.


Package List:

Number Names SPECS
1 Main MCU board UNO R3 and include a USB cable 1
2 V5.0 extension board V5.0 1
3 L298N motor driver board L298N 1
4 acrylic car chassis include screws and nuts 1
5 motors 1:48, includes 4pcs M3*30 screws and 4pcs M3 nuts 2
6 wheels rubber tire 2
7 universal wheels includes 4pcs M3*10 short copper columns and 8pcs M3 nuts 1
8 battery holder for 4PCS AA batteries 1
9 rocker switch includes 1pcs red wire to connect to the extension board power supply 1
10 DuPont wires 8P female to female 20cm, 4p for L298N, 4p for bluetooth module 8
11 connecting wires 2pcs for L298N power supply 2
12 connecting wires 1pcs with slot from battery holder 1
13 Bluetooth module HC-05, 4pins 1
14 long copper columns M3*20 4
15 screws M3*5, for cooper column 12
16 screws M3*10, for L298N and battery holder 4
17 screws M3*30, for motors 4
18 nuts M3 12
19 philips screwdriver M3 1
20 software and codes arduino IDE, bluetooth control app, remote control example codes 1
21 package list 1


P.S. If you think the package was missing any component, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: aitreasure@126.com, we will solve your problem in 24 hours. If you have any problem at assembling the car, please visit our website: www.aitreasure.com, there is a video tutorial to help you.

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