As we all know, STEM toys are more and more popular in nowadays. So,do you know what’s the meaning of STEM? Here is the answer: it is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And the science is the first!  Like Stephen Hawking, who was away from us on March 14th,was a great scientist. He led us to demonstrate many assumptions about the universe and time, which greatly enriched the theory of human space and time.Learning science is important today, not to mention the age when children grew up decades later.Science is important in young kids lives!

What can science do for kids?

Science helps answer all those tough questions kids ask, like ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and ‘Where do stars come from?’.  It’s practical and relevant and kids embrace it without thinking about it.  From the teachers to the parents,they knew that even simple science equipment can liven up a topic and make it easier for children to engage with it.


Science teaches kids about life.The benefits of learning about science for young kids are enormous,because science involves a lot of talking and listening to others; it develops patience, too – a lot of the time in science things don’t happen overnight.  Add to the mix are skills for life such as perseverance, problem-solving and researching.It can teach children to form their own opinions, rather than taking those of others for granted. It can spark ideas in kids’ minds that they may one day be capable of creating solutions to big problems such as reducing poverty through the improvement of seed genetics to grow stronger crops.

There will be a lot of science jobs in the future.Camille Thomson, who works on Australian Institute of Policy & Science’s Tall Poppy Campaign, a project to promote science in Australia, says there will be plenty of exciting and worthwhile jobs for kids who study science in the future.Jobs in renewable energies such as solar and hydro power are increasing rapidly. Then there is the conversation that goes with it in terms of preserving plants and animals.Importantly, encouraging children to become interested in science can also result in a healthy dose of skepticism. 

Science is very important to children, and so do science kits .Science kits can let children learn scientific knowledge during playing, such as the use of clean energy, the principles of mechanical transmission, etc.

When it comes to clean energy, wind energy has to be said.Wind energy is a gift from nature, and wind energy is pollution-free energy.Have you ever wondered what will happen when wind energy is combined with mechanical transmission?Theo Jansen gives the answer.He created the Strandbeest!

And our mini wind power beast is a minature size reproduction of the mega artificial life Strandbeest.

This novel walking beast powered by hand or blowing against the propeller,there is no external power needed.It use wind energy to walking.What is its working principle? The wind blows the fan of the mechanical beast, which drives the gear under the fan, and the gear rotates to drive the beast’s foot to move again. This is a conversion of energy from wind energy to mechanical energy.Let’s see how it moves under wind energy.

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Besides the wind driven,it can also manual control!The principle of manual driving is similar to that of wind energy. All of them are driven by the mechanical drive to move the feet of the beast.

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We use mini strandbeest toy to help kids learn about the clean energy and mechanical transmission principle.Also,it will let the children know that without electricity, using wind energy can also make the machinery move.


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