Learn Coding

Arduino is a opensource project, if you have any program or coding problem, you could get a lot of resource from the website arduino.cc

Software Download

For both Windows, Mac or Linux user, you could download the Arduino IDE software here on the opensource website for free.

APP Download

To control the car, you also need to install an APP on your phone or tablet, just download the apk file and install in on your Android mobile device. Click here to get the android phone APP for BT05 version.

Instruction Tutorial

Please download and read the instruction before you start to assemble the car kit. It’s a step by step tutorial, it would be very easy to finish the job with this instruction.

Download Instruction here!

Example Programming Codes

We provided all the example codes  for the bluetooth car kit, you could change it or write your own code by your creation. Click here to get the 2WD codes for BLE BT05 version bluetooth smart car. Click here to get the 4WD codes for BLE BT05 version bluetooth smart car.

UNO R3 Driver

If your laptop or PC (windows system) can’t recognize the Arduino Uno R3 board when plugged into the USB port, please try to download the driver for the UNO R3 board (CH340/340 chip) .

For Macbook user, please download the driver here!

Instruction PDF files for 2WD robotic car kit bluetooth version

Instruction PDF tutorial for AITREASURE 2WD robotic car kit basic version(IR control and line following)

Instruction PDF files for 4WD robotic car kit bluetooth version

Instruction PDF files for AITREASURE 4WD advanced version(multifunction)


Still have question?

please feel free to contact us by writing down your question, click the button besides. We will reply to you in 24 hours(working day).